Tailoring Course

About Tailoring Course

Tailoring also provides in our chellammal institute Coimbatore, established in the year 2010 with the aim of giving the students a platform in the field of Tailoring. We don’t want our students to get lost in the crowd but to get a different identity in the field. As it is said the youth are the further of India so we want our youth to spread all over the globe with the sparkling light. In our previous batches, many of the housewives come forward to learn tailoring which made us believe in women empowerment. There is no age for learning so we appreciate each and every age group whether being 18 or 60 years coming forward to learn, we just believe in spreading knowledge to others and we are providing best tailoring course in Coimbatore Chellammal institutes Coimbatore provides courses like Basic and Advance stitching, Blouses stitching, Hand embroidery OUR special courses are………. Western design and………. Gent’s design Now we are planning to START NEW BATCH in WEEKEND for our friends who are interested in stitching but don’t have time in regular days, so those are interested please contact us grab this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and become master in stitching and this tailoring institute in Coimbatore gives placement service also.

Tailoring-Basic Course

We offer short term and long terms courses in tailoring and fashion designing. From learning the basicsof stitching and pattern making the student will also be able to produce well-tailored sari blouses, salwar-kameez, shirts, trousers and children’s clothing. Our experts guide the students through a step by step method in master the foundation’s principles and then moving on to complex skills in tailoring and garment production. Best Tailoring course in Coimbatore


Machine Embroidery

To create free-motion machine embroidery, the embroiderer runs the machine and skillfully moves tightly hooped fabric under the needle to create a design. The “feed dogs” or machine teeth are lowered or covered, and the embroiderer moves the fabric manually. The embroiderer develops the embroidery manually, using the machine’s settings for running stich and fancier built-in stitches. In this way, the stitches form an image on a piece of fabric. An embroiderer can produce a filled-in effect by sewing many parallel rows of straight stitching

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Hand Embroidery

Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color. Some of the basic techniques or stitches of the earliest embroidery are chain stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross-stitch. Those stitches remain the fundamental techniques of hand embroidery today.

Aari Embroidery

Aari type of embroidery is done by cobblers with intricate chain stitch patterned on designs of The materials used for the embroidery consist of fabrics made of threads of cotton, silk woolen and mashur (an Arabic name). The types of threads used are of floss silk and other varieties. Tracing paper and its associated products are used for drawing the designs. Other essential embroidering tools and material are needle, mirrors, and sequins

Tailoring-Advanced Course


This course is helpful for someone who plans to open a boutique, start a tailoring unit or gear up for professional garment design opportunities in the fashion industry.Along with tailoring the skills such as client handling, soft skills and business management are also covered. Aspects of keeping up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and improving oneself through self-learning are also focused upon. Best Tailoring Course In Coimbatore


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